Recent Work


Recent work carried out by the Ipswich branch of the firm has included a historic restoration of the 1876 Bishop organ in the Church of the Holy Angels, Hoar Cross, Staffordshire.  The organ was returned to as near as possible the original specification dispensing with later additions and alterations by the firm of Conacher Sheffield in 1934. The organ contains pipes from the Samuel Green organ made for Bangor Cathedral in 1799.


Great Pipe Work
The Console During Restoration


Great                                       Swell                                       Choir                                           Pedal

Open Diapason              8        Violin Diapason             8          Stopped Diapason          8          Violone              16

Clarabella                      8        Stopped Diapason         8          Dulciana                       8          Great to Pedal

Principal                        4        Gamba                         8          Principal                       4          Swell to Pedal

Fifteenth                       2        Voix Celeste                  8          Flute                            4          Choir to Pedal

Mixture                         III      Principal                       4          Clarinet                         8

Trumpet                        8       Harmonic Piccolo           2

Swell to Great                         Oboe                            8



At St John's church Felixstowe we have built a new three manual console for the 1895 Norman and Beard organ making additions to the specification and tonally recasting the instrument informed by its own tradition.


The New Felixstowe Console
The Felixstowe Case


Great                                       Swell                                       Choir                           Pedal

Contra Gamba               16         Open Diapason             8          Open Diapason  8          Harmonic Bass             32

Open Diapason I            8          Stopped Diapason         8          Rohr Gedackt     8          Open Wood                 16

Open Diapason II           8          Echo Gamba                 8          Viol di Gamba    8          Bourdon                      16

Hohl Flute                      8          Voix Celeste                 8          Suabe Flute       4          Octave                         8

Principal                        4          Gemshorn                    8          Nazard              22/3      Bass Flute                     8

Flute                             4          Fifteenth                      2          Piccolo              2          Fifteenth                       4

Fifteenth                       2          Mixture                        III        Tierce               13/5       Octave Flute                  4

Sesquialtera                  II          Double Trumpet           16         Clarinet             8          Ophicleide                    16

Mixture                         III        Cornopean                    8          Tuba                8           Trumpet (Sw)               16

Trumpet (Sw)                8          Oboe                            8          Octave                          Clarion                         8

Sub Octave                                Clarion                         4          Unison Off                    Great to Pedal

Swell to Great                            Tremulant                                 Sub Octave                   Swell to Pedal

Choir to Great                            Octave                                      Swell to Choir               Choir to Great

                                                Unison Off                                                                   Gt & Ped Combs Coupled

                                                Sub Octave                                                                  Gens on Sw Toe Pistons



Other work has included re-leathering the bellows on the five manual Rushworth & Dreaper organ in the Chapel at Christ's Hospital School, Horsham, new bellows for the one manual Bryceson organ in St Peter's Chillisford, the removal and reinstallation of the Bishop organ from Bardwell Church to Newport, Essex  and cleaning of pipe work and restoration of manuals and pedal board as the first part of an overhaul of the 1894 Bishop & Son organ at St Mary, Sawston in Cambridgeshire.


At All Saints Maldon in Essex the three manual organ, which we had last rebuilt in 1966 was overhauled and rebuilt on a mezzanine floor above a new vestry, kitchen and toilets that were added in the side chapel where the instrument had stood.  This included a new west facing case front designed to complement the nineteenth century chancel case that had come with the organ when it was brought from the Argyll Concert Rooms in London.  Our association with this organ dates continuously from 1903.


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